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ok… I actually just got rid of my laptop, because I found myself addicted to spending so much time on it . SO, while eating breakfast this morning, I found this cartoon and I guess this is why some men can hoop better than women…

ps. I’m still typing the REAL post about my hula hooping experience thus far, I only have time to do this while on my lunch hour now.   haha.


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Welcome to Hoopin’ and Groovin’! I am VERY new to the world of [hula] hooping. I remember as a child, spinning wildly in circles, determined to NOT let that hoop touch the ground. Now, as an adult, I have rekindled that love for the circle. I’ve watched endless videos of professionals and amateurs in various environments, throughout the recent months. NOW, it’s my turn.

I think that part of my desire to pick this up is partly spiritual. The circle signifies so much, and while hooping, I’m learning, you really have a certain intimacy with that hoop while dancing. I don’t know how to describe it, and maybe as I get better, and more in tune, the words will flow.

Right now, i’ve mastered keeping the hoop up at my waist. OH YEAH! Now, I’m trying to learn some fancier starts and also trying to figure out shoulder hooping. There’s a wealth of knowledge on the internet, and I’ll be referencing many videos and guides as I go along. I want to share my learning process with you, so that you may learn as well.

This site will also be a HUGE music cache. I will try to post favorite songs that I’ve hooped to – EVERY day! Hopefully that’s something else that I can open your eyes and soul to. I listen to a lot of independent musicians (mainly jam bands). I can’t stress, how wonderful a lot of this music is, but how many people don’t (or won’t) listen to it, because there’s no major record label attached, or a radio station where they can hear it all the time. I can’t WAIT to get to some music festivals this summer, and hopefully get some interesting tapings to share with you.

While I work on constructing my first ‘real’ post for this site, enjoy the autoplay tunes, and check em out on MySpace ( . You can also visit my more “general” blog at

peace, light, and bliss


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